Jr. High School

by Dr. K. Renee

Jr. High School!

This book features four friends: Maliyah, Jacob, Sarah, and Samson who have struggled through their fifth-grade year, dealing with teasing and bullying, and often referred to by the mean kids in primary school as the odd squad. They made a pact that whatever they go through, they will stick together and put their faith in a Higher Power. This agreement helped them transition into junior high school in a way that none of them could have ever possibly imagined.

From Maliyah’s path to self-acceptance to Samson’s internal peace that he’s achieved from others’ issues with his dreadlocked hair and being overweight, they use the opposition to become stepping-stones. Junior high school awaits the friends…but not more than the friends await junior high school because fears are faced head-on and dreams finally start to be realized.

Book Review By Kidliomag

A Beautiful Book

Different us! is a beautiful book that gives children a message of self-acceptance and teaches them to love their unique features.

This book celebrates uniqueness, kindness, and diversity and encourages children to accept each other’s differences and be proud of their uniqueness.

This story follows a group of four friends, Maliyah, Jacob, Sarah, and Samson, who come from diverse backgrounds and have their own unique features, and their differences don’t matter. From Maliyah’s struggle for acceptance of herself and others as a biracial child to her redheaded friend, Sarah as she is the tallest one in the class, Samson who is black and overweight to Jacob’s struggle to be accepted as a skinny boy with braces and glasses.

They accept each other just as they are, but some mean kids at school mention them as The Odd Squad and tease them about being different.

Join Maliyah and her friends on their adventurous journey to accept themselves and others’ differences and learn that their differences make each of us unique and that being different is great, so we all have to love and appreciate each other.

The illustrations are beautiful in this book and feature four friends from mixed cultures and backgrounds, so kids can easily relate and see themselves as confident and strong kids. I recommend this book to every child, and I’m sure after reading this book, they will fall in love with themselves and start admiring their friends.

Perfect for 5+

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