Welcome to my world! First and foremost, I felt that it was important for me to share my platform with you. My platform just so happens to be my passion. My passion is encouraging others and promoting literacy by teaching parents “how” to read to their children. It has often been said that it is not “what” you do or say, it’s “how” you do it. As a result of teaching parents how to read to their children through engagement and interaction, it is my hope that children will ultimately gain an interest and love of reading themselves. My earliest memories of being read to and learning how to read began with my mother reading to me. She had a natural way of drawing me in with her animation and inflections in the tone of her voice. Before I knew it, I had begun doing the same things once I learned to read on my own.

Whether it’s writing a book, motivational speaking or life coaching, I thoroughly LOVE what I do! Whenever you find that your platform and your passion are not in alignment, it is often necessary to reassess where you are, where are you going, and where it is that you want to be.